Herbalife Business

Herbalife Business

Herbalife Business Opportunity
(Become an Herbalife Distributor and sell Herbalife products from your home)

EARN 25% to 50% from Selling Herbalife Products!

EARN 25% by becoming a Herbalife Distributor!

To do this you simply purchase our Herbalife International Business Pack. This includes an Herbalife Program consisting of:

  • Herbalife Formula 1 – ShapeWorks Nutritional Shake Mix, 550 g
  • Herbalife Formula 2 – ShapeWorks Multivitamin Complex, 90 tablets
  • Herbalife – ShapeWorks Cell Activator, 120 capsules
  • Herbalife – ShapeWorks Herbal Concentrate, 1.8 oz
  • Herbalife Liftoff and NouriFusion Samples
  • Herbalife Tote Bag
  • All Forms, Collateral and Documentation to get started as an Herbalife Distributor

AND you automatically qualify to purchase Herbalife Products at a 25% discount.
AND you are authorized to sell Herbalife products to others.
If you decide to sell them at retail you will earn a 25% profit.
However there is no obligation to sell anything.  You can just use the discount for your own personal use.

If you are interested in becoming a Herbalife Distributor please purchase the Herbalife International Business Pack and Contact Us to complete and submit the forms.  We will be happy to explain the details of this amazing Herbalife business opportunity.

If you want to become a Herbalife Distributor, but don’t want to get the Herbalife ShapeWorks products listed above, you may instead purchase the Mini Herbalife International Business Pack.  This package includes samples of Herbalife snacks, protein bars, drink mix and shake mix.  It also includes videos and all forms, collateral and documentation to get started as an Herbalife Distributor.

EARN 35% by enrolling in the Herbalife Advantage Program (HAP)!

Once you become a Herbalife Distributor, you can choose to activate your Herbalife Advantage Program (“HAP”) which requires an automatic minimum monthly order of 100 Volume Points = $65.00+ tax and shipping. With this program you’ll get the following benefits in additional to all the benefits that all Herbalife Distributors get.

  • 35% – 50% discount
  • Additional sales tax savings
  • Automatic and consistent monthly home delivery
  • Special promotional offers
  • Free monthly literature and communications
  • Easy automatic payment options

EARN 42% as an Herbalife Success Builder!
As a new Herbalife Distributor, you have a one-time opportunity to purchase a single product order of 1,000 Volume Points = $580.00+ tax and shipping. Get this saving by combining orders from your friends, family and customers.

EARN 50% as an Herbalife Supervisor!
After purchasing 4,000 Volume Points (approx. $2,000) in one month, or 5,000 Volume Points in two months, you can begin to receive a 50% Discount on subsequent orders. Get this saving by combining orders from your friends and family.

Additional earning opportunities exist by enrolling other people interested in this same amazing Herbalife business opportunity.

Begin earning 25%, 35%, 42% or up to 50% and more by becoming an Herbalife Distributor today.


Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity

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