Herbalife Access Code Required

Herbalife at the Stock Exchange

Herbalife at the Stock Exchange

Another Herbalife Distributor policy change from Herbalife Corporation that you may have noticed is the requirement to provide an Access Code or Password before being able to see pricing information.  This change required Herbalife Distributors with websites to modify them to implement this security feature.  It also required Distributors to remove all pricing information from the landing pages and advertisements for websites and place them behind the wall so they could only be seen after the customer logs on using an Access Code.

I am not sure I fully understand why this policy was implemented, but it was along the lines of requiring a little more personal service and security for the customer base.

I personally feel it is a nuisance because customers typically want to see the pricing and value details immediately when they come to a website and not have to jump through hoops and wait to obtain a password in order to purchase products.  At the Herbal Product Shop, we strive to respond to password requests as soon as they are received.  We hope this additional step of logging in does not impact our customers too much, but now you have a little better understanding of why it is now required.

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