Newest Herbalife Product – Prolessa™ Duo

New Herbalife Prolessa Duo


Control your hunger and reduce your fat with this dual-action weight-management solution that helps you eat less and optimize your weight-loss program.*

Available in 7-Day and 30-Day programs.

Key Benefits

  • A unique formula that helps to significantly reduce caloric intake.*
  • Helps promote body fat loss.*
  • Helps create a feeling of fullness.*
  • Stimulant-free.
  • Made with clinically tested ingredients.


  • A unique ingredient combination that supports hunger control and fat reduction. This exclusive blend is available in powder form for the first time.


  • Add one scoop per day to your favorite Herbalife® shake as a booster, or to milk or other protein-based products, such as soy milk or yogurt. For best results, make your shake as usual, and then add one scoop of Prolessa Duo and mix for an additional 5 – 10 seconds.

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